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Business Banking

Providing superior commercial banking products and client service is at the core of First American State Bank.  A full range of depository and cash management products is available to be specifically tailored to each unique circumstance.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit checks into your bank accounts when you are unable to leave your business or you prefer this convenient and efficient way to make deposits.

Online Banking

Online Banking at First American State Bank makes banking more convenient, easier and provides 24/7 access to personal and business loan and deposit accounts.  Backed by best-in-class personal service by First American’s bankers, online banking dramatically reduces or even eliminates the time-consuming, paper-based aspects of traditional banking.

Debit Cards

Your First American State Bank debit card is welcome almost anywhere and can help save you time and money with its easy access to all of your checking accounts.

Quicken & Quickbooks

With access to the latest feature-rich, user-friendly software programs like Quicken/Quickbooks, you can conveniently interface directly with your accounts to make business transactions.

Sweep Accounts

Sweep accounts are useful tools for managing steady cash flows between accounts used to pay business expenses and investment accounts where cash is able to accrue a return.

Money Market Accounts

Money market accounts can help you earn more for your liquid balances.  Index money market allows you to earn more interest, and the higher the balance, the higher the rate.

Insured Deposit & Fraud Protection

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures your deposits up to $250,000. To obtain maximum insurance coverage for your liquid assets above $250,000...

Fraud Protection

To protect your accounts and services, First American State Bank has deployed a top-notch proprietary software program that overlays all the transactional banking activities.

Savings Accounts

A sound investment strategy includes savings deposits that provide a return, enhance stability and help diversify your portfolio.

Cash Management/Treasury Services

Taking control of your financial position and maximizing funds for investment are essential. First American State Bank designs cash management and treasury service packages.