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02/20/2014 | Letter from the President
Nick Lepetsos
The Great Recession has been a turbulent time for almost all individuals and businesses, including community banks across America; although, many local businesses, real estate investors and consumers are beginning to feel some relief.  Here at...
10/25/2013 | Jay and Kristina Davidson: Making a Million Dollar Difference for Children
"Enlightened Leaders. Committed Corporate Citizens. Champions of Children". Those are just a few of the words grateful community members used to describe Jay Davidson, founder, president and CEO of First American State Bank, and his wife, Kristina...
08/07/2013 | Strategies: How to score with your cause-related marketing event
Kristina Davidson
Cause-related marketing - which marries the cooperative efforts of a for-profit business and a nonprofit organization for mutual benefit - can be a very effective tool for companies seeking to combine their desire for exposure with their heart for...
08/01/2013 | Public Persona - Get to Know Colorado's Top Personalities
Jamie Mcafee
Philanthropist and volunteer Kristina Davidson is a firm believer in a healthy mind, body and soul for children and families.
05/31/2013 | Buyers Aid Charity with HaloCard
Kathleen Lavine
Why not do some good while you are shopping with your credit card? Nick Lepetsos, president of First American State Bank in Greenwood Village, on May 6 launched a credit card that Forbes magazine dubbed a "disrupter" in both the nonprofit sector and...
08/30/2010 | First American State Bank’s Response to Recent Regulatory Action
First American State Bank
First American State Bank’s Response to Recent Regulatory Action On August 20, 2010, First American State Bank, and its parent company First American Bancorp, entered into a Written Agreement with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the...
07/20/2009 | Bank Fees: The hidden, the obvious and the concerns
Michele Falivene
What the Credit Card Bill of Rights means for you Did you ever hear the adage, “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves?” It’s time to apply this thinking to our day-to-day banking. Sound simple? It is. The Credit Card...
06/16/2009 | Is your deposit covered?
Michele Falivene
FDIC insurance and local community banks The economic meltdown has resulted in a few positive side effects, including a paradigm shift among consumers that will prove to be positive for our nation. As consumers began to act on their lack of...
05/12/2009 | The five C’s of credit, plus one
Michele Falivene
Character, cash flow, collateral, capital and conditions are all key elements to unlocking the bank vault Have you ever heard the perception that banks only lend money to people who don’t need it? While that’s far from true, many business owners...
04/13/2009 | Good banking goes beyond the money
Michele Falivene
Good bankers are ethical, and they're good friends to their communities There is a great deal of finger pointing going on these days as we grapple with the causes and impacts of the recession. Employees, businesses, government officials and...

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