At First American State Bank, we understand the challenges you face managing your financial assets. We also know one-size-fits-all solutions aren’t going to cut it in today’s competitive business environment. And we also know when you have a problem or a question you don’t want a voice-response robot or a chat-bot on the other end of the line.

We tailor our services and products to specifically meet the needs of each business banking customer. We set up customized processes for businesses that help streamline cash management resulting in lower costs and improved liquidity. Our experienced banking professionals strive to understand your company from the inside out in order to recommend and provide the appropriate resources designed to help you reach your goals. And, a person always answers the phone when you call, and can get you to the right person to help you.

The bottom line is your business is as important to us as it is to you. We have the services backed by the latest in banking technology to support you today and into the future.

There’s a lot riding on your success and at First American State Bank, we know that. Why trust your business banking to anyone else?

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Online Banking

Online Banking at First American State Bank offers a digital banking solution that makes banking more convenient and provides 24/7 access to personal and business accounts. Backed by best-in-class personal service by First American’s bankers.

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FASB Mobile App

FASB Mobile App allows for remote check deposit anywhere and anytime you want using FASB Mobile Deposit. Check balances, make transfers and pay bills from your mobile device.

Call (303) 694-6464 or email to learn more about our FASB Mobile App.

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Cash Management & Treasury Services

Taking control of your financial position and maximizing funds for investment require custom cash management. First American State Bank designs cash management and treasury service packages that are customizable to each business.

  • Wire Transfers
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) services help your company automate payroll processing, reduce administration expenses, and make remittances easier. Our ACH solution offers an upload from other vendors or as a standalone.
  • Positive Pay will alert you to discrepancies between checks you have issued, and the checks presented for payment so you can decide whether to pay or return.
iPay Bill Pay

iPay Bill Pay™ solution is a comprehensive online bill payment service that offers convenient payments to vendors with scheduled, recurring payments, rush payment, donation and gift check options, and proof of payments are available. iPay™ also offers the convenience of person-to-person payment via email, text, direct deposits (electronic) or check.

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Wire Transfers

If you rely on wire transfer payments, secure and efficient wire transfers offer you electronic notification of incoming wires and confirmation on outgoing wires at no cost to you. We have dedicated business and banking professionals that can walk you through every area of the process.

Sweep Accounts

First American State Bank offers sweep accounts with low account-balance minimums. Sweep accounts serve as automated cash management tools and are useful for managing cash flows between  multiple accounts used to receive payments and pay business expenses and to maintain target balances in investment accounts.

Fraud Protection
  • To help protect your accounts and services, First American State Bank uses an advanced proprietary software program that overlays transactional banking activities. This fraud detection service helps detect duplicate or out of sequence checks and multiple daily transitions.
  • Positive Pay will alert you to discrepancies between checks you have issued, and the checks presented for payment so you can decide whether to pay or return.
Quicken & QuickBooks

First American State Bank’s online banking interfaces directly with Quicken and QuickBooks. With access to the latest feature-rich, user-friendly accounting software programs like Quicken/QuickBooks you can conveniently interface directly with your accounts to initiate transactions. Functions include paying bills online directly and transferring money between accounts. Transactions can also be electronically downloaded to registers and account reconciliation is automatic. State-of-the-art encryption technology and multifactor authentication ensures the safety and confidentiality of every transaction.

Remote Deposit Capture

A deposit automation technology placed at your location captures the necessary deposit information and then transmits this information via a highly secure encrypted Internet connection. Remote Deposit Capture is ideal if your business processes large volumes of transactions because it extends the banking day, cuts courier expenses or trips to the bank and brings about efficiency in transaction management. In addition, added layers of security assure high levels of protection and electronic data storage reduces time and paper.

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Insured Deposits

As a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) we provide FDIC-insured deposits up to $250,000 per depositor, for each account ownership category. We take the time to help each customer understand and implement the right account structure for their needs.

CDARS – provided by IntraFi
With the CDARS® service, you can access multi-million-dollar FDIC protection on deposits placed into CDs through First American State Bank. To learn more, call (303) 694-6464 or  email

FICA | for Banks – provided by StoneCastle Partners
FICA®| For Banks is a liquid, FDIC-insured deposit account for up to $25 million in cash balances. As a FICA®| For Banks account holder, your funds will be placed into a network of well-capitalized, FDIC-insured financial institutions in increments of less than $250,000 so that both the principal and interest receive complete FDIC-protection. To learn more, call (303) 694-6464 or  email

Money Market Accounts

A Money Market account is essentially a hybrid between a checking and savings account that earns you a competitive rate of interest, has limited check writing privileges and allows a limited number of withdrawals each month. Call (303) 694-6464 or email to learn more about our Money Market Accounts.

Debit Cards

Like a credit card, a debit card is a payment card that lets you make secure and easy purchases online and in person. Unlike a credit card, a debit card draws directly from your checking account and you can use it to access your cash at any ATM.

You have the capability to turn your card on/off on the FASB Mobile app or online banking.

Call (303) 694-6464 or email to learn more about our Debit Cards.