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Personal Banking Solutions

Lending Solutions

First American State Bank provides lending clients with personal attention, passionate focus, and sound banking discipline.

Business Banking Solutions

To learn more about First American State Bank’s business banking solutions please click the link below.


We pride ourselves on service and solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. See what they have to say about us.


A Community Bank

Individual depositors are well served by First American State Bank’s line of personal banking products.  Known by name, clients appreciate the attention and personal service that is at the heart of community banking relationships.

Banking Services

First American State Bank offers Personal Banking customers a number of convenient banking solutions. Please review the list below to learn more, or you may call us at (303) 694-6464.

Personal Banking Solutions

Online Banking

Online Banking at First American State Bank makes banking more convenient and provides 24/7 access to personal and business accounts.  Backed by best-in-class personal service by First American’s bankers, online banking dramatically reduces or even eliminates the time-consuming, paper-based aspects of traditional banking. Click here to access Online Banking.

Insured Deposits

All members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insure your deposits up to $250,000.  Any individual checking, saving, or CD account can have up to $250,000 in deposits and still be protected by FDIC insurance.  We take the time to help each customer understand and implement the right account structure for their needs.

Money Market Accounts

Call (303) 694-6464 or email to learn more about our Money Market Accounts.

Debit Cards

Call (303) 694-6464 or email to learn more about our Debit Cards.

Savings Accounts

Call (303) 694-6464 or email to learn more about our Savings Accounts.

Fraud Protection

To help protect your accounts and services, First American State Bank uses an advanced proprietary software program that overlays transactional banking activities.  This fraud detection service helps detect duplicate or out of sequence checks and multiple daily transitions.

Cash Management & Treasury Services

Taking control of your financial position and maximizing funds for investment are essential.  First American State Bank designs cash management and treasury service packages.  Automated Clearing House (ACH) services help your company automate payroll processing, reduce administration expenses, and make remittances easier.  If you rely on wire transfer payments, secure and efficient wire transfers offer your company added financial stability and effectiveness.  Positive Pay will alert you to discrepancies between your files and the checks presented as payments so that you can decide whether to pay or return the items.

Quicken & Quickbooks

With access to the latest feature-rich, user-friendly software programs like Quicken/QuickBooks you can conveniently interface directly with your accounts to make business transactions. Functions include paying bills directly online and transferring money between accounts. Transactions can also be electronically downloaded to registers and account reconciliation is automatic. State-of-the-art encryption technology and multifactor authentication guarantees the safety and confidentiality of every transaction.


“The safety and security of my financial resources are very important to me – First American State Bank provides that.”

Fred VierraBusiness Banking Customer

“Best of Class Service. It’s what I provide to my clients and I get from my bank.”

Edie MarksKentwood Company

“First American State Bank approaches their customers the same way we approach our causes, with dedication and devotion.”

Bob and Judi NewmanBusiness Banking Customers

“Our company prides itself on a caring attitude and friendly service. Our style is to have real dialogue about real issues.  First American State Bank’s service is parallel to our customer service approach in every way.  Each member of the bank knows you by name.  They return your phone calls promptly.  They are deal-makers who are easy to deal with.”

Dan Predovich, CPA, CEF & OwnerPredovich & Company

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