Property Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens in Colorado

The senior property tax exemption is available to senior citizens and the surviving spouses of senior citizens. The state reimburses the local governments for the loss in revenue. When the State of Colorado’s budget allows, 50 percent of the first $200,000 of actual value of the qualified applicant’s primary residence is exempted.

For the purpose of the exemption, a primary residence is the place where an individual is registered to vote.

An applicant or married couple may apply for the exemption on only one property. Married couples and individuals who apply for this exemption and/or the disabled veteran exemption on multiple properties will be denied the exemption on each property. Two individuals who are legally married, and who own more than one piece of residential real property, shall be deemed to occupy the same primary residence and may claim no more than one exemption.

If an applicant owns multiple-dwelling units in which the applicant occupies one of the units, an exemption will be allowed only with respect to the dwelling unit that the applicant occupies as his or her primary residence.

No more than one exemption per tax year shall be allowed for a residential property, even if one or more of the owner-occupiers qualify for both the senior exemption and the disabled veteran exemption.

Any applicant who attempts to claim exemption on more than one property, knowingly provides false information on an exemption application, or fails to provide notice to the county assessor of any change in the ownership or occupancy of a property within 60 days of such occurrence will be subject to the penalties prescribed by law.

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